Agency for commercial mediation, intelligence and logistics

We are the first italian company exclusively dedicated to the gathering and distribution of logistics and commercial information for fertilizer operators: producers, importers, traders, farmers associations, cooperatives and suppliers of services and products.

Logistics managers, commercial operators and marketing firms, all need statistical data, up to date information, results from Internet searches. Sometimes, these activities are not the focus of an organization and outsourcing represents the best option.

Drawing on the experience of about 25 years in the fertilizer business, SILC Fertilizzanti Srl is a dependable point of reference and information for all operators in the sector.

Thanks to consolidated relationships throughout Italy and the international market with producers, buyers and customers service suppliers, SILC can provide companies with the right information when it is needed.

Do you need a consultant?

SILC is part of the larger Italian Fertilizer Consultants Group.
At it is possible to find a 360 degree consultancy srvices.