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Who we are
With the experience of more then 25 years in the fertilizer division, we are able to offer services of assistance and consultancy, particularly dedicated to the business aspects of the branch activities.

Six areas of services primarily dedicated to the producing and importing companies of fertilizers, with interest also for the formulators and the downstream users, without leaving out the foreing companies interested in the Italian marketing and all the companies working in the induction of the fertilizers division.

SILC Informa, fortnightly report of business information, it's the only tool in Italy that is present on the fertilizer market, all the most important nationals oparators consider it as an essential instrument for their commercial activities.
The CE Reg. 1907/2006 it's intended to radically modify the commercial organization of all european companies that work in the fertilizers division, thanks to highly professional services also small and medium business will be able to face the problems connected to this community law.
The Producers and the Importers, the big wholesalers and intermediaries as well as a lot of services and logistics companies: an huge commercial network  in the service of the Italian fertilizers market.
Information and knowledge are part of the foundations of every company, even more for the commercial ones. In this section we offer a wide review of laws and rules, show manuals and books that, in this years, we have produced and list some links to some sites of interest in the fertilizer division.

Potassium Phosphites Consortium

Potassium Phosphites Consortium
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