12 Months Regulatory Update
400 Euros

Opposition to administrative fine
100 Euros

Opposition to a legal act
150 Euro

Request for analysis’s review
50 Euro/each

Attendance at analysis review
600 Euro

On-line Italian manufacturer registration
80 Euros

Registration of manufacturer from other EU countries
100 Euro

Annual renewal of online registers (manufacturer – fertilisers)
from 50 Euros

On-line fertiliser registration
from 40 Euros

Fertiliser label preparation
from 80 Euros/each

Plant Resistance Improver label preparation (including self-declaration for Authority)
from 80 Euro/each

Basic Substance label preparation
from 120 Euro/each

“Generic product” label preparation (22% VAT)
from 100 Euro/each

Assistance for "Mutual recognition declaration" (Regulation (EU) 2019/515)
from 200 Euro

Dangerous mixture notification (PCN) to ECHA (with UFI creation)
from 150 Euro/one

Realization MSDS (art.31 REACH)
from 120 Euro/each

Realization of information sheets (art. 32 REACH)
from 30 Euro/each

Evaluation of plant for derivative of animal by-products
from 250 Euro

Plant approval (art. 24 EC Reg. 1069/09)
from 600 Euro

Site registration (art. 23 EC Reg. 1069/09)
from 100 Euros

Six months report of fertiliser import statistics
100 Euro/year

Monthly report of fertiliser import statistics
500 Euro/year

Professional consultancy on a time basis
from 100 Euro/hour