Entries always compliant and up to date

The label is the final form of all the work that lies behind a product, the final step of a regulatory process which is oftentimes complex. It is necessary to be ready to review a project if it is not possible to redact a label that is in all its parts compliant with current regulations and coherent with all its related documentation. It is not uncommon to resort to pragmatic and watertight solutions, which allow to introduce the products on the market without too much worries.

SILC realizes labels which are compliant with all regulations, both national and international, in all EU languages and for all products falling under the umbrella of Community regulations. We plan wording for the marketing of plant resistance improvers and basic substances. We also assist our customers in realizing labels for products which are not necessarily regulated by specific laws. We provide tailored services for foreign companies which wish to enter the Italian market with products labelled following their national rules.