Prices, comments and market news

Information is one of the fundamentals for any commercial activity, including the fertilizer sector. It is not always feasible for a company to stay on top of the latest updates but it is always necessary to have quick access to as much news as possible, already pre-screened and summarized.
We offer information services to all the actors of the distribution chain. The Base Bulletin is targeted to traders, cooperatives, consortia and managers of large agrarian companies.

Every 15 days, it offers a snapshot of the market with the national prices for commodity fertilizers and it updates the readers with economical information and commercial news of national interest. The Premium Bulletin is targeted to manufacturers, importers and producers. Every week we communicate the international prices of the principal mineral fertilizers, together with a comment on world events and their effects on the market. All of this is completed by the collection and diffusion of statistical data regarding import/export (national and EU), sales and consumption of fertilizers in Italy.


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