The regulatory pillars of European chemistry

The EU regulations 1907/2006 and 1272/2008 have deeply influenced the world of chemistry. It has brought a heavy burden to the fertilizer sector with the numerous obligations that these laws enforce on manufacturers, importers, downstream users and consumers of substances, mixtures and articles. To comply with the legal obligations, we make use of our prestigious network both in Italy and abroad. We have numerous connections with advisors, laboratories, test centres and legal firms with which we actively collaborate to provide numerous services.

From redaction of dossier for substance registration to its physico-chemical characterization. Production of MSDS for dangerous and non-dangerous products. We assist clients to notify dangerous substances and mixtures in Italy and in all EU countries, through the ECHA Portal with the linked creation of the UFI code. We help all companies which need to record any exemption from REACH obligations bound to waste recovery or manufacturing of natural extracts.